Born in middle England, in the heart of Yorkshire in 1977, Hamza has been involved in the activism sphere since early adulthood. Having recognised the power of visual art as a teenager, he would go on to develop a project which was a decade in the making.


After growing up on powerful revolutionary based art, culture & history, Hamza designed his first artistic outpour in his late teens. However, with his first love always being outwardly active in projecting the stories of the oppressed it was only in his early 30's did he advance in finding a different medium to project the indignation he felt towards the injustice in the world. Shortly after completing a BA Honours in Architecture, Hamza founded INTIFADA STREET of which he is the Creative Director for 10 years.


During that astronomical rise he has designed album art for various hiphop musicians including M1 (Mutulu - Dead Prez) & Marcel Cartier. In addition working with various grassroots organisations from the Free Mumia Campaign & Existence is Resistance, to the Malcolm X Movement & NUS Black Students. He is currently working with Sputnik Radio on the Loud & Clear Show with Brian Becker.


In the fall of 2010, Hamza travelled to Gaza and on his return this spiritual experience breathed new life, colour & message into his expression. Ever since, his work has taken new dimensions continuing the labyrinth & indeed spirit of his artistic heroes Emory Douglas & Naji al-Ali that he proceeded. Hamza’s work has featured at the Islamic Human Rights Commission in London, in the I Am Hiphop Magazine & a permanent collection in The Palestine Poster Project Archives.

strike 02

All work is Copyright 2012 Mohammad Hamza/Intifada Street